最近非常火的一個電視劇TV series 《人民的名義》可以說紅遍瞭大江南北。翻譯完稿子,偶讀外刊(Foreign Media),突然間發孕婦滴雞精現瞭外國各大媒體Media都報道瞭這個令人拍手叫好的片子,可以說是blockbuster瞭吧。小編今天就帶領烤鴨們來領略其對雅思口語Ielts Speaking有用的Phrases Expressions:

A dashing detective bursts into a secret villa and uncovers huge stacks of cash stuffed in fridges, closets and beds. Meanwhile, the villa's owner - a government official - crawls on the floor and begs for his life.This is the dramatic opening scene in China's latest hit TV show, In the Name of the People, which made its high-profile debut last month.

Dashing ( adj) 時髦的,有自信的,風度翩翩的

Eg:At that time, he was a dashing , charming and charismatic guy , I really had a crush on him. 那時候他是一個風度翩翩,魅力無窮及充滿人格魅力的傢夥,我挺迷戀他。

Hit (n) 風行一時的事物(如電影,戲劇,歌曲等),轟動一時的事物。

Eg: The product was such a hit that women wore them as accessories around concert grounds.


High-profile adj.高姿態的; 高調的; 備受矚目的; 知名度高的。

Eg:Despite and high - profile cra滴雞精比較ckdowns , corruption remains a seriousproblem.


The series, about China's anticorruption campaign, has gripped millions of viewers across the country. Some have compared it to the American political drama House of Cards, which has a huge Chinese following.

In the show, local government leaders try to sabotage a top justice's arrest order; laid-off workers hold violent protests against a corrupt deal between the government and a corporation; and fake police drive bulldozers into forced eviction sites.

Viewers have been lapping it up. "This TV drama feels so real. It really cheers people up," one viewer wrote on social media network Weibo.

"I shed tears after watching this drama. This is the tumour of corruption that has been harming the people," said another Weibo commenter.

Grip (v)緊握,緊抓,理解,瞭解。

Eg: Personally speaking, he is a genius in language learning, I mean, he has gripped of several languages.我個人覺得,他是一個學習語言的天才,我的意思是,他已經掌握瞭好幾種語言瞭。

Lap up (v) 將…卷疊起來; 舔食,喝掉; 輕信,照單全收; 欣然接受。

Eg: These clever students lap up all the information that I can give them. 這些聰明的學生很快接受瞭我能給他們的所有信息。

Cheer up (v) (使)高興起來, (使)振作起來; 打起精神;

Eg: I think he misses her terribly . you might cheer him up. 我估計他實在太想念她瞭。 也許你可以讓他打起點兒精神來。

More than a decade ago, anticorruption dramas suddenly disappeared from Chinese primetime television. Authorities in 2004 had decided to restrict the production of such dramas as too many were of poor quality.

But when Chinese President Xi Jinping took power in 2012 and launched a sweeping campaign against graft, anti-corruption got back in vogue.

Chinese state media has extensively covered crackdowns on corrupt officials, and TV networks have rolled out documentaries showing officials confessing on camera and sobbing with remorse - even China's anticorruption agency did a show about corruption within its ranks.

Prime time (n)廣播電視的黃金時燕窩推薦

Eg: The broadcast went out on television at prime time, when everyone was watching. 這個電視節目在眾人皆看的黃金時間播出。

In vogue 正時興,正流行

Eg: The French style of trousers is very much in vogue just now. 法國式褲子現在非常流行。

Roll out (v) 鋪開,攤開

Eg: We’ll give her some VIP treatment and roll out the red carpet.我們將給予她貴賓級禮遇,並且為她鋪設紅地毯。

In The Name of The People is thus the latest piece of propaganda aimed at portraying the government's victory in its anti-corruption campaign.

At least it does a decent job in entertaining viewers, building suspense and intrigue. In one episode an investigator gets hit by a truck just as he is about to meet an informant, while in another the deputy mayor flees the country with the help of a mysterious government mole.

In entertaining viewers, building suspense and intrigue 給觀眾帶來娛樂,引起懸念和引起滴雞精好奇心

Eg: The TV program which definitely does a great job in entertaining viewers , building suspense and intrigue. 這個電視節目在給觀眾帶來娛樂,引起懸念和引起好奇心方面做得的確不錯。 (note! 歷年來,雅思口語考試中Part2都有一個長久不衰的old topic ---Describe a TV program you like , 小編建議不妨在test的時候用上這麼一句,定然會讓你的ielts speaking 與眾不同 outstanding!!! )












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